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Specialists, Caretakers, and Chameleons: The C-suite in 2021

What makes a good CEO?  What is the right type of CEO for your organisation?  No longer is the C-suite defined by elder statesmen in corner offices at the pinnacles of long, successful careers in a single company. We now live in an era rampant with job hopping, a time in which twenty-somethings launch billion-dollar companies, and organisations face constant pressure to disrupt or be disrupted.

Russel Reynolds produced a very good white paper on the future of the CEO - which included 10 areas where leadership will most likely be different in 2021.

  1. Culture wars: New executive roles

  2. The modern (C-suite) family: Role shaping and customization

  3. Head versus heart: The tension between data and soft skills

  4. Chameleons trump experts: The rise of the agile specialist

  5. The world is flat: Egalitarianism infiltrates the C-suite

  6. The parent trap: Moving from bosses to caretakers

  7. Redefining success and loyalty in organizations

  8. Leading through a shared purpose and vision

  9. The weak shall be strong: Cultivating empowerment and approachability

  10. Disrupting diversity –or –A comfort with constructive conflict

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 26-06-17

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