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Investing to be the Best Non-Executive Director You Can Be

I am a gig worker.  And one of the parts of my portfolio of work is being a non-executive director.  Women still do not represent anywhere near the right percentages of board positions as they should, almost anywhere in the world.  Norway is standing out (as is most of Scandinavia) with >50%, but globally, the percentage of women on boards is still very low. The Credit Suisse Research study estimated female representation at around 10 percent in Singapore, 14 percent in Malaysia, 21 percent in Australia and 23 percent in the United Kingdom.

As part of being the best non-executive I can be, I have invested in my education, awareness and personal network. Two of the things I have done is participate in Women on Boards (where I am a Non-Executive Director), and I attended the INSEAD International Directors Program (IDP) and became a certified international director. 

Recently the INSEAD Alumni team interviewed me on why I picked INSEAD ad why INSEAD is a great partner for Women on Boards, both in Australia and the UK.  Hopefully, this article with inspires others.

Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 19-09-17

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