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Agile HR model for Agile Organisations Adding to the Ulrich Model

In keeping with the theme of the month - Agile HR - this LinkedIn post offers up some new ideas on the Ulrich model and how HR should be organised.  Zsolt Szelecki's identifies three new roles in this article that a modern, agile HR function should have: -

Embedded Coach/Talent Agent (EC/TA) is created so as “HR should embed in the business for real-time sensing capability” and help the organisation to capture and respond business challenges fast and well. Leaving behind daily operations and more focus on external clients will help deliver value.

Knowledge Asset and Network Management (KANM)” to ensure that “HR should use simple, flexible structures for fast mobilization of resources for problem-solving” and help the organization to deploy resources to implement solutions. Here the focus on few business critical assets and otherwise move to network management is the key value driver.

 Data Centres (DC) imply that “HR should provide insightful analytics” for monitoring problem-solving efficiency and prediction or prevention of related issues implements it well. Here, refocusing on creating insight from data, via analytics is the main vehicle to deliver on the value to the organisation.

Activities and roles to consider for your HR team.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers



Posted On : 14-05-17

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