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The Three Stages of Leadership

Organisations have a very bad habit of taking employees who are excellent individual contributors and subject matter experts and making them managers without giving them the tools, coaching, mentoring and other development interventions to allow them to be successful.  London Business School's article is a great articulation of this challenge many organisations face and some ideas on how to assist the newly promoted manager (at whatever level). The three stages of leadership include: -

Level 1 - Being a senior "doer"

Level 2 -  Letting go of the things that got you to this place is hard. You can’t just do more of what you’ve been doing. We say “Congratulations! You’re a brilliant specialist. Now forget all about that and learn a new set of skills.”  This transition is the hardest as you have to move from "doing" to "leading".

Level 3 - The third level is about multi-functional leadership. At this level, you’ll be leading teams who specialise in things you know nothing about.

A very good read for all leaders and for people who are "creating the leaders of the future".

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 12-03-17

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