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Millennials Don't Want to be the Boss

I know, you are really tired of hearing about millennials and what they do and do not want.  And Generation Z is nipping at their heals so I am sure we will receive a batch of new advice on how to manage, coach, nurture and create the right future of work for that population.  Meanwhile, the level of research, articles and posts on Millennials has not reduced.  The most recent that caught my eye was curated by  Hunt Scalon entitled Millennials Choose Career Over "Being Boss". 

The article references a recent Manpower research focused on what directions millennials want to move in their careers.  Some of the research includes findings such as: -

Just 17 percent of American Millennials rank aspiring to leadership roles as a top career priority. This figure includes: managing others (four percent), getting to the top of an organisation (four percent) and owning my own company (nine percent). All three ranked at the bottom of American Millennials’ list of career priorities in almost all 19 countries in the global research except Mexico, where their entrepreneurial drive put “owning my own company” at the top of the list (31 percent).

The article is well worth a read as it does offer some interesting insights that may help HR professionals with assessing career planning and succession with the millennials in their workforce.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 06-03-17

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