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Leading Across Cultures

In today's world globalisation is taking hit on many fronts.  While globalisation might not be politically trendy the need for strong global leaders who can manage across cultures is increasing in demand.  What do your leaders need to know about the different cultures they manage?  Do they have the awareness on how different cultures might respond to specific leadership styles and manners?

This London Business School (LBS) article has some excellent references to management and leadership perceptions, cultural norms and management styles across a variety of cultures.  My favourite part references the drawing below: -

The perception of the lead goldfish varies by culture.  For example: -

Anglo managers – broadly including the UK, North America, Australia and other English-speaking nations – often view the golden fish as the pioneering leader, leading from the front, making them individualists. Their Japanese counterparts tend to believe it’s a metaphor for a cohesive team working together behind an individual who may or may not be relevant to the team, making them collectivist leaders. 

The full article is definitely worth a read.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 04-03-17

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