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International Womens Day 2017 A Collection of Articles and Thoughts

It is amazing the level of press coverage there was on the 8th of March for International Women’s Day.  The theme of the articles was varied.  Some stories focused on the more worrying trends around the loss of women’s rights after years of very hard fought gains.  There were stories about significant achievements over the last years in respect to women in leadership, on company boards and in politics.  There were so many great articles that they deserved a broader showcase. 

The World Economic Forum published an excellent article on the bias; entitled “Think you're not sexist? Here's why you might be wrong”.  Written by Alison Kay, Global Vice-Chair, Industry, EY it discusses the effect of bias in the workplace and no matter how much we may think we are not biased we are.  There are also references to a couple of pieces of research and some suggestions on how to help reduce bias in your environment.  For example, in recruiting removing the names on CV’s before screening.

The second great article was from the Economist Magazine.  The article “The Best and Worse Places for Women to Work” has some amazing interactive graphics.  Pick your country, and it will tell you how that country compares to the rest of the world in what the Economist called the “Glass Ceiling Index”.  Australia ranked 14th in the world, better that the UK and USA but below Denmark or New Zealand.  There are several rating areas, for example: -

  • In Australia, the preference rate for woken is 11.5 points lower than men when hiring
  • In Australia, women earn 15.4% less than men
  • In Australia, net child care costs are 27.8% of an average wage.
  • In the Australian parliament, there are 28.7% women MP’s

Google had a wonderful homepage for the day.  It celebrates some of the female pioneers who paved the way to where we are today.  There were many exceptional women featured and here is a selection to get you interested enough to read the full list.

Ida Wells - American journalist, suffragist, & civil rights activist

Lotfia El Nadi - Egypt’s first female pilot

Ada Lovelace - English mathematician, writer, & the world’s first computer programmer

These are just three of many great articles that I read during and after the 8th of March.

The theme for International Women’s Day in 2017 is #beboldforchange.  I published an article 12 months ago on this site on Gender Pay Equity.  I revisited that article and several others, and I wish I could say that the trends are moving in the right direction, but I am not sure they are.  In some cases, I fear they are going backwards.  We do need to be bold for change, but we also have to be bold to keep what we have accomplished.

Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 13-03-17

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