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7 Lessons Learned From The HR Business Partner Model

Anyone who has been in the HR space for more than a nanosecond knows the name Dave Ulrich.  To many, he is the creator of the modern HR business model including the roles of HR Business Partner and Centres of Expertise.  IN a recently posted article on Linkedin (2 part series), sponsored by Dave but written by Wayne Brockbank of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.  The seven lessons learned from the HR business model include: -

First, the business partner model is not unique to HR

Second, the intent of the business partner model is focus more on deliverables (what the business requires to win) than doables (what HR activities occur)

Third, being a business partner may be achieved in many HR job categories.  

Fourth, HR professionals as business partners have unique information, insights, and recommendations to deliver competitive advantage.

Fifth, as talent, leadership, and capability issues increase in business relevance, HR professionals may help respond by being both architects and anthropologists. 

Sixth, as with almost any change, we have seen an inevitable 20-60-20 pattern for HR professionals to fully adopt the business partner opportunities. 

Seventh, being a business partner requires HR professionals to have new knowledge and skills. 

Make sure to check out part two 

And thanks to Dave Ellis for bringing this great post to my attention

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 25-02-17

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