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21 Employee Performance Metrics

Performance reviews having received a lot of negative press.  Mostly due to the fact that many organisations have performance management processes that are not fit for purpose.  They either are very "heavy" in terms of the administration required to complete the process.  Or they are not done in a timely manner.  Personally, I think performance management and reviews are a critical part of the management process.  HR should be driving the standardisation of the review across the organisation and putting in analytics and checkpoints to help ensure there is a high level of consistency across the organisation.  

AnalylticsinHR recently published the top 21 measures for employee performance.  A really good "back to basics" article and an excellent reminder for all HR professionals on getting the process done in a manner that ensures consistency and fairness across the organisation.

The adaption of the 9 box model is especially good.



well worth a read.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 19-02-17

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