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9 Patterns of Disruption: The new cooking recipe for business disruption

In January many organisations turn their attention to strategy.  What should be our strategy for 2017 and beyond?  One of the discussion areas for when you are working on strategy should be around what your organisation can do to disrupt the market, product offerings, competition or other areas.  This article, building on Deloitte's 9 Patterns of Disruption.  It has great references links and case studies for each of the nine patterns.  Which are

  1. Unlock assets from adjacent markets
  2. Align price with use
  3. Turn products into product platforms
  4. Shorten the value chain
  5. Unbundle products and services
  6. Expand market reach
  7. Converge products
  8. Distributed product development
  9. Connect Peers

Written by Paul Hobcraft and published in Idea to Value it will be one of those articles that you will want to book-mark and use in the future,

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 22-01-17

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