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The 2017 Buzz Words – My Prediction

At the start of each year, the great and the good make predictions on what will happen during the year.  There are predictions for practically everything, from globally impacting events such as economic or political change through to what will be the top super foods of the year.  HR and HR technology is not any different and already there are dozens of predictions for 2017.  In January I am going to attempt to summarise up the predictions from all the very talented people in our industry, and that will be the focus of next month’s newsletter.  But first, I have to make my predictions to add to the list.  My predictions are around buzz words for the year in the HR, workplace, talent and people, and HR technology area. 

Generation Z – in 2016 every other blog piece talked about millennials.  How to manage them, what motives them and how to ensure their engagement?  In 2016 we will see millennials replaced with Gen Z.  Gen Z was born mid-1990’s to early 2000.  They are just starting to leave university and enter the workforce.  Every HR person is going to need to add to their list of cultural understanding and diversity knowledge Generation Z.

Gig – Is it a noun as in “I am a gig”?  Or is it a verb “I have been gigging”?  Or as one of my ex-colleagues commented on my more recent posting in LinkedIn

A few other definitions

"Giggles" - young Giggers

 "Gigabit" - those of us who only want to Gig now and then

 "Gigawatt" - those who don't know what a Gig is

"Gigwig" – Giggers who are hair challenged

 "Gigaflops" - when the Gig ends badly

 ...this could end up a gig-antic opportunity for puns....(thanks to Howard Nelson)

The topic of gig working, good and bad, will be a significant debate and discussion for 2017.

Agile HR – the combination of agile development methods (utilising sprints) and HR.  A method for HR to become more nimble, quick to respond and flexible to the business needs.

Cyber Security – The cost regarding technology, processes and audits for security around human capital data will significantly increase.  And there is a real challenge for CHRO and CIO in meeting the needs and desires of the workforce to have a connected world like what they have outside of work, inside of work.  HR also has an ever increasing role of partnering with IT to help protect the business. HR will need to spend more time, maintaining security and control over the very precious personal data that sits on every company system.

Organisation Design – my prediction is that organisation design as a C-Suite topic lead by HR will get more agenda time.  How do we organise?  What is the current best practice?  How do we organise and manage the variety of workers we deploy?  These and other questions are going to up the discussion regarding organisation design and performance of the business.

These are my five top picks for what will be trending in 2017.  Watch this space for my January review of the top HR ecosystem bloggers to see if any of my picks show up on their list. 

Article written by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 01-01-17

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