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7 Strategies for Hiring and Managing Creative Employees

Everyone wants more creative and innovative employees, and companies are looking for the right recipe of changes to make to the environment, policies, rules, structure, organisation, training, management and many other things to find the right formula to generate creativity and innovation.   But what if the answer isn’t open office space or an office beer cooler, but a higher engagement score?

UpstartHR recently published a great article with suggestions on how to hire and manage creative employees. The article contains many data points and links to other sources.  Data points such as: -

Research by Gallup found that 61% of engaged employees feed off the creativity of their colleagues, compared to a mere 9% of disengaged employees. In addition, it found that 59% of engaged employees believe their job brings out their most creative ideas, compared to only 3% of disengaged employees.

My favourite suggestion on their list of things to consider is  

Don’t hire “idea” people if you don’t plan to use their ideas

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Posted On : 02-01-17

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