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Tribes, Flocks and Single Servings

The digital world has created many new names and labels along with re-purposing older names to mean new things.  An example of this is on-line communities.  Even typing or saying it sounds old fashion.  What are the new ways to describe the relationships we have, in a business context, with our different network of virtual workers and colleagues?  This article from Rahaf Harfoush who describes herself as a digital anthropologies (which I really love the title) makes a start at new definitions.  This includes: -

TRIBES: High Intimacy/Long Term Engagement

ECOSYSTEMS: Low Intimacy/Long Term Engagement

FLOCKS: High Intimacy/Short Term Engagement

SINGLE SERVINGS: Low Intimacy/Short Term Engagement

Something to think about as you look at the various groups you work with or engage with to help define the type of digital relationship you are having.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 30-12-16

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