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Workforce Technology versus HR Technology

What is the next generation of technology for human capital?  Well, it is about people, not HR. One of my favourite listens every month is from Bill Kutik.  If you do not subscribe to Bill Kutik’s Firing Line, then you should.  It is a 5-6 minute video, delivered via YouTube.  As with any series some months are better than others and this month is excellent.  Bill interviews one of the great thought leaders in HR Jason Averbook, and there are many interesting insights in the interview, and these caused me to think about the whole next generation of technologies for the workforce.

First a summary of the key points in the interview: -

1.  New technologies such as AI, BOTS, Performance Management, Analytics and IOT require a foundation for them to be successful.  And that foundation is great processes, governance and data.

2.  Clear, accurate data is still a huge challenge for HR, and without clean data, none of these new technologies will deliver the desired ROI

3.  Organisations are investing in the “new shiny thing” without sorting out the foundation

4.  And the processes need to get out of HR and into the hands of the workforce – moving from HR Technology to Workforce Technology.

Jason made the observation that LinkedIn is more likely to be up to date than an employee’s internal profile and that Glassdoor gets more employee feedback than most organisations get during an engagement survey.  And why is that?  One reason is that platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are workforce-centric not HR centric.

And Jason is not the only thought leader talking about this subject.  The term PeopleAnalytics is getting significant blog space.  No longer is it being called HR analytics it has morphed to People.  Having looked at the types of analytics the various technologies support, they are pretty much the same.  And more importantly, the need for accurate base data is paramount for good analytics.

If you want a good read on People Analytics Forbes has done a nice one with also some references to other trends showing that HR is moving away from, well HR, to more people branded processes and technology.

And Josh Bersin is pushing People Management to replace Talent Management – why?  Well, one of the reasons is that Talent Management is more of an HR term, and People Management, well it does have that word people in the title.  He even created a timeline showing the evolution from Talent to People.  His article is worth a read, and should be put into the weekend reading list (as it I a little long).

And many new technologies are focused on the people versus HR.  One of my current favourites is MumbaCloud.  This technology does the app portion to take your people processes truly mobile.  It is not an HRIS or employee self-service application rather it is a set of tools to create user experiences from time sheets, to leave approval or even booking car parking spaces.  It allows companies to create apps to facilitate employees having access to whatever they need, on their smart mobile devices, whether in the HR area or others such as office administration processes such as room/desk booking, ordering new office supplier.  New technologies that are separate from traditional HRIS and employee/manager self-service that allow direct mobile access no matter what the underlying data source.

People versus HR  - People is a much better label, and people technologies are the next generation.  They are will drive the workforce in 2020.

Article by Mary Sue Rogers


Posted On : 25-10-16

Commented by:  Anita Lindqvist

Thanks Mary Sue Rogers; another great article

Posted On : 08-11-16

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