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McDonald's Australia Recruitment

Every once in a while a commercial comes on TV and you saw WOW they really got that one right.  It engages you, tells a story and creates a huge desire to want to work for that company.  The recent recruitment commercial for McDonald's in Australia is one of those.  I have lived in many parts of the world, and McDonald's does have a highly variable reputation depending on where you live.  In Australia, the brand has a very good rating and they have listened to local tastes and produce food that includes the incorporation of beetroot into the classic burger because that is the way that Aussies like it.  Watch the video clip and smile and it is uplifting and has great music.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 24-11-16

Commented by:  MSR

David - thanks and in Oz McDonalds is a whole different place - you can even order a burger made to your specifications delivered to your table.. not the McDonalds you know. Cheers

Posted On : 04-12-16

Commented by:  David Hain

I watched tis skeptically (to your point about how MickyD's is perceived here) and I agree - that was as good a spot as I have seen for recruitment. Tx

Posted On : 01-12-16

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