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White Man in the Photo

With the rise in behaviours, which could be classified as racist or sexist; it is a welcome change to read an article that talks about solidarity and how standing together could make a change.  The White Man in the Photo is a story of an Australian who won a bronze medal for the 200 metre run in the 1968 Olympics.  His name was Peter Norman; he was an Australian that arrived in the 200 meters finals after having run an amazing 20.22 in the semi-finals.  Only the two Americans, Tommie “The Jet” Smith and John Carlos had done better: 20.14 and 20.12, respectively.  They were black and at the end of the race when standing on the podium to receive their medals raised their hand in protest against the treatment of the blacks in America.  Peter was on the stand also, and the story of how he was treated by Australia is worth the read.  Without giving everything away, only in 2012, did the Australian Parliament approve a motion to formally apologise to Peter Norman and rewrite him into history with this statement:  

This House “recognises the extraordinary athletic achievements of the late Peter Norman, who won the silver medal in the 200 meters sprint running event at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, in a time of 20.06 seconds, which still stands as the Australian record”. 

Comment by Mary Sue Rogers



Posted On : 14-11-16

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