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The Best and Worst Management Traits for Employee Engagement

Based on a recent Gallup Poll, up to 70% of employee engagement success or failure is down to managers. Management was one of the 14 critical success factors that were found in the study. Managers can play an essential role in enabling a culture of learning, experimentation and continuous delivery, where people strive to excel as a team, to deliver the business outcomes, and provide a meaningful customer experience.  The Huffington Post article has a very good summary of the research and embedded additional articles.

These 14 critical factors can be summarised as: -

Worse Offenders (types of managers)

THE GUILT TRIPPER – making the employee feel guilty

THE DEBT COLLECTOR – “you owe me”


Super Star (type of managers)

THE DEVELOPER – helping individual employees improve

THE POLITICAL NAVIGATOR – and helping them navigate the political landscape

THE ENABLER – the manager that feels it is their role to ensure you move on to your next step

The study identified 4 core drivers covering over 70 attributes that create an environment where workplace agility can be enabled:

Connectedness - The enablement of driving connections between people, their individual purpose, and the organisation.

Innovation - The enablement of an environment where ideas can thrive and diverse perspectives can connect.

Execution - The enablement of the abilities, process and supporting environment to drive response, action, and decision.

Mobility - The enablement of the fluidity in place and type of work to support the desired individual and business goals.

Comments by Mary Sue Rogers

Posted On : 09-11-16

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