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Interesting Reads

Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

The Overwhelmed Workforce

The best of the three points is - We have between 5 and 10 seconds to catch someones attention before they turn away combined with the fact that people are unlocking their d

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Which country has the same size economy as which USA state?

So this is a crazy map that compares the economy size of various countries to individual states in the USA.  So for example, Florida is the same size as the Netherlands.  From the World E

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Poor performers breed poor performance and good performers...

Good article that reinforces in a nice way with good examples what we all already know - that if you have a poor performer in a team, then ultimately if you don't deal with the situation, the a

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Do you respond to your e-mail? Or are you a coward?

One of my current pet peeves is people who do not respond to e-mail when a response is required.  People avoid answering e-mail when they have bad news (so for example, recruiters when their c

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