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Interesting Reads

Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

Women in Work Index from PwC

As part of International Women's Day, PwC has published a very comprehensive paper covering many aspects of women in work.  These include employment levels, pay gap, and board representati

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Digital Age Requires New Leadership Styles

One of the more thought-provoking papers I have read in a while on leadership and how leadership needs to change.  The world has changed with pervasive digital, employees who want a different

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Did you ever wonder where the @ came from?

Ray Tomlinson is the father of the @ sign for "computer to computer" exchange.  Created in the early 1970's and used on the APPANET (the precursor to the internet), the @ sign ha

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10 Most Annoying Phrases - Including - "Level Playing Field"

A short and sweet article with a very good message.  What is a level playing field?  And how could you ever boil the ocean in the first place?  Some of these phrases have been used f

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Which countries have the worse gender pay equity?

The gender pay gap - which countries are worse? In western countries, there is a significant pay gap between men and women.  Worse case is Korea where "an average male working full t

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What Jobs will Change?

From the World Economic Forum - some interesting analysis and forecast on what job families will be more or less popular in the next 5 years.  A few interesting forecasts is the increased in t

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When Women Thrive

Mercer has just published their 2016 report on Women in the Workplace.  The great thing about the report is that it has been done for several years AND it has sufficient participation that it

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How to age gracefully - a "must view" video

One of the things that IBM did during their 100th anniversary (2011) was to create a book of "messages to my younger self".  Senior women created letters to their younger selves givi

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Culture as a Top Priority - Deloitte Consulting Research

Deloitte recently announced a new piece of research around culture.  The link is to their press release which has several great articles embedded.  My favorite is having emotional connect

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Is Collaboration bad for you?

From the Economist and quoting HRB article - the challenges that exist in collaboration - and maybe we have gone too far?  Some interesting points below and the full article can be found

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The Overwhelmed Workforce

The best of the three points is - We have between 5 and 10 seconds to catch someones attention before they turn away combined with the fact that people are unlocking their d

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Which country has the same size economy as which USA state?

So this is a crazy map that compares the economy size of various countries to individual states in the USA.  So for example, Florida is the same size as the Netherlands.  From the World E

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