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Interesting Reads

Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

Developing Organisational Ambidexterity

Building organisations that can flex and change with the morphing demands of the market, customers and stakeholders is a real skill.  The role of HR is critical to helping to establish an orga

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Enterprise Technologies to Watch in 2016

New technologies have always had a featured place in HR.  Those of you who have gone to HRTech can attest to this.  In an article published by ZDNet, and written by Dion Hinchcliffe 

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Workforce Planning - Maybe it is Making a Come Back?

I like the new trend of using infographics to tell a story and educate people on a particular subject.  It blends the different learning styles of words and pictures into a logical story line.

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Women at Work: A Guide for Men

This article is a must read for any men who are leading women (or for that matter woman who have men in their team).  It is full of excellent advice, directed primarily towards men, regarding

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Reimagining HR in a VUCA world

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambitious – these four words describe some of the challenges that modern HR is facing.  From the blurring of work and life, multi-tasking on everything,

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The Difference Between Men and Women in Meetings (and other places)

This goes into my “must be read” list.  The article discusses the difference between men and women when it comes to “voice”.  So how the two different sexes a

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Bad Bosses

People don't leave companies they leave people, typically their boss.  To retain the talent your organisation needs, the leaders of the business have to work hard not to display behaviours

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HR Transformation

Every once in awhile there is a great article that summarises and references the "great and the good" work on a particular subject.  HR Transformation is one of my passions.  Th

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Symptoms of Organisations on the Cusp of Change

What are the signs that your organisation needs to change?  An infographic recently posted in

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Build or Buy - What is Your Strategy for Talent?

Every year you know you are going to need 10 new team leaders.  What is your strategy?  Do you put in place learning, development and role experiences to build the team leaders you need?

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Can you Chew Gum in Singapore?

Singapore is an amazing city/state, which gained its independence from the UK just over 50 years ago.  During that time, Singapore has grown into a model for many other countries to follow. &n

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Who owns that Tanker / Yacht / Cruise Ship?

Sydney is a fantastic city, and I am very lucky to be able to live here.  With all the water, we attract "water vessels" of all types from all over the world.  From luxury 

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