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Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

10 Workplace Trends You'll See In 2017

One of the things I love about the end of the year, is the predictions start for the new year.  The season for predictions is starting.  Forbes has just released their thoughts and

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October The Month for HR Technology

October has been a very busy month for HR Technology, with many conferences focused on the subject around the world. Two of these I had the honour of speaking, the HR Tech Japan conference, held at

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Framework to Spot Strategic Customer Segments

Consultants love models and frameworks, and nothing is better than a four-box model.  And this is true in a recent publication by London Business School regarding segmenting strategic customer

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Four Thank-You Notes to Michelle Obama

Irrespective of what you think of her husband, POTUS, she is an amazing women.  She created her own unique style and focus as the First Lady.  As as the last days of Obama's presidenc

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Five Types of Millennials You Need to Know

I know you are saying not another article on Millennials, but this one has an interesting angle. As HR professionals we know that employees are different and one size does not fit all and that is t

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Periodic Table of HRTech

I am sure you all remember from school your periodic tables.  And someone created the periodic tables of HR Technology, including a colour coded taxonomy for different focus areas.  These

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Remember I, Robot the movie and the rules?

Sometimes when you see a movie, specific lines or scenes stick with you.  In the case of I, Robot for me it was Asimov's Laws for robots.  These were:-

Managing People Does Not Have to Suck

Remember the day that you became a manager?  And then you had to take care of people on top of doing all the tasks, activities and deliverables your bosses wanted.  The biggest challenge

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Nine Point Guide to Spotting Doggy Statistics

It is election season, and even without elections governments and business love quoting statistics. So how do you tell if a statistic is doggy?  The Guardian Newspaper kindly has provided us w

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The History of Organisational Development

While there is no single definition of organisational development (OD), it is commonly known to be the practice of changing people and organisations for positive growth. And the hist

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New type of employee - I.E. (intermittent employee)

An IE (or intermittent employee) is someone we all are familiar.  These are the employees that can be brilliant OR just too hard to work with.  And you never know which one they

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Do you check you phone 150 times per day?

An amazing piece of research published by the World Economic Forum showed that the average American checks their phone 150 times per day or once every 6.5 minutes.  If you are under the age of

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