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Interesting Reads

Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

Gathering of the Global Elite through Women's Eyes

Every year Davos Switzerland is the host for the World Economic Forum.  The World Economic form is over 40 years old and was founded by Professor Klaus Schwab as a non-profit foundation based

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5 Global Shifts Reshaping the World

At the start of each new year, you can be assured of a wave of articles talking about what is going to change, predictions for the year and the things that will have the greatest impact.  

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Big Data and its Impact on Marketing & Sales

A "must read" article focused on the ten major impacts of big data on marketing and sales.  A well-written article with excellent case studies and illustrated examples.  The ten

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7 Strategies for Hiring and Managing Creative Employees

Everyone wants more creative and innovative employees, and companies are looking for the right recipe of changes to make to the environment, policies, rules, structure, organisation, training, mana

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Things we learned in 2016

The BBC publishes a daily list of interesting and unexpected facts from daily news stories called "10 things we didn't know last week". They did a selection of the top 100 (out of 365

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Tribes, Flocks and Single Servings

The digital world has created many new names and labels along with re-purposing older names to mean new things.  An example of this is on-line communities.  Even typing or saying it sound

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9 Patterns of Disruption: The new cooking recipe for business disruption

The start of the new year needs an article that makes you think.  This post leverages Deloitte's nine patterns of disruption.  The article is a good summary of various patte

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Infuriated by condescending men?

Only in Sweden would there be a "help line" for women. Unionen, one of Sweden's largest and least-imaginatively-named trade unions, has set up a mansplaining hotline to encourage wome

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McDonald's Australia Recruitment

Every once in a while a commercial comes on TV and you saw WOW they really got that one right.  It engages you, tells a story and creates a huge desire to want to work for that company.  

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White Man in the Photo

With the rise in behaviours, which could be classified as racist or sexist; it is a welcome change to read an article that talks about solidarity and how standing together could make a change.

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The Best and Worst Management Traits for Employee Engagement

Based on a recent Gallup Poll, up to 70% of employee engagement success or failure is down to managers. Management was one of the 14 critical success factors that were found in the study.

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Seven Leadership Lessons from Brexit

With the recent UK High Count ruling stating that the government must go to Parliment to get approval to trigger article 50, the formal process that starts the negotiation for the UK to exit the EU

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