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Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

Best Countries to Live In

The survey, which combines measures of well-being, opportunity and basic needs through 16 outcomes researched by Gallup, UNESCO and the Pew Research Centre, found Australia had among the highest st

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Eleven Ideas How to Rethink Internal Communication

We all know that internal communication is critical to employee engagement, company culture and helping to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction.  And with the changing workforc

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New Australian Rules for Telecom Companies to Retain Personal Data - Internet at a Cross Road

Did you know that from the 13 April 2017 new legislation came into force in Australia that required all telecommunications companies to comply with data retention laws? Personal data must be r

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The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women

Uber has been having some well-publicised issues with diversity and sexism in their workplace, including the board.  The New York Times did an article which brought to like the comment made in

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Case Studies on Digital Transformation

Everyone needs a good case study to show what might be possible, how other organisations have approached the problem and developed new solutions.  The World Economic Forman has collected case

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Agile HR model for Agile Organisations Adding to the Ulrich Model

In keeping with the theme of the month - Agile HR - this LinkedIn post offers up some new ideas on the Ulrich model and how HR should be organised.  Zsolt Szelecki's identifies t

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Mix that Matters - Innovation through Diversity

There are many articles written on the impact of diversity to an organisation.  While most have some form of research underpinning their findings rarely have I seen analysis as complete as wha

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The 150 Billion Pound Prize for the UK - Gender Equality

Gender equality is not a new topic and there are dozens of articles that discuss the value of diversity to a business.  Based on an interview with Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner of UK and

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Four HR Roles that Matter Most

HR has many roles and responsibilities.  With all the pressures on HR from digital to people analytics, talent retention and employee engagement no wonder the average HR leader feels they are

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A Lattice Is the Career Ladder for the 21st Century

You don't want to be a people manager?  The next job up the ladder is not for you?  The new career ladder is a lattice (definition - a structure consisting of strips of wood or m

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11 Things Everyone Does Wrong At Work Without Realising It

This is my must read article for the month.  Everyone wants to be successful at work.  No one wants to be the person that has annoying habits that bug your colleagues or more importantly

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7 CEO Personality Types that will Drain the Life from a Ccompany

How can CEOs increase the odds of their functional teams being led by purpose-driven, high-energy leaders and not by energy vampires? They can start by recognising and ridding the organisation of s

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