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Interesting Reads

Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

11 Things Everyone Does Wrong At Work Without Realising It

This is my must read article for the month.  Everyone wants to be successful at work.  No one wants to be the person that has annoying habits that bug your colleagues or more importantly

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7 CEO Personality Types that will Drain the Life from a Ccompany

How can CEOs increase the odds of their functional teams being led by purpose-driven, high-energy leaders and not by energy vampires? They can start by recognising and ridding the organisation of s

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Will London Fall?

Brexit and the position of London on the global stage have had and will continue to have massive press coverage. Will London continue to remain a key financial centre for the world?  The dynam

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Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age - A Global Survey

Deloitte Human Capital Consulting has recently published the results of their global survey.  With more than 10,000 HR and business leaders in 140 countries being included the study highl

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The Three Stages of Leadership

Organisations have a very bad habit of taking employees who are excellent individual contributors and subject matter experts and making them managers without giving them the tools, coaching, mentor

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300+ Women In HR Technology Worth Watching

There have always been fewer women in HR Technology than men.  I get great inspiration from leaders such as Naomi Bloom as being early pioneers.  Recruiting Daily (via HR Tech Weekly) has

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Millennials Don't Want to be the Boss

I know, you are really tired of hearing about millennials and what they do and do not want.  And Generation Z is nipping at their heals so I am sure we will receive a batch of new advice on ho

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Leading Across Cultures

In today's world globalisation is taking hit on many fronts.  While globalisation might not be politically trendy the need for strong global leaders who can manage across cultures is incre

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7 Lessons Learned From The HR Business Partner Model

Anyone who has been in the HR space for more than a nanosecond knows the name Dave Ulrich

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How to Fact Check - Tutorial

It is getting harder and harder to determine what is fact and what is "alternative facts".  How does someone check out a statement to determine whether it is fact or fiction?  T

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21 Employee Performance Metrics

Performance reviews having received a lot of negative press.  Mostly due to the fact that many organisations have performance management processes that are not fit for purpose.  They eith

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Celebrating what we Share

People across the world have more in common than they have different.  Irrespective of the current rhetoric individuals in different jobs, socioeconomic groups, religions, countries, age group

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