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Sharing articles and clips that caught my attention across a variety of topics.

Nine Things you Didn't Know were Invented by Women

There has been a lot of press recently regarding the lack of women in Silicon Valley, or in HR Tech or in STEM. IN my recent post regarding an evening with startups, even there only two out of 13 p

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The Gender Gap is Not Just Pay

There are many articles and research papers written with respect to the gender pay gap, the lack of senior leaders (especially CEO's and CFO's) and women on boards. In new research conducte

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Ladies, We Need to Talk About Melania

Forget Trump, what do we think of the first lady?  There are days I feel sorry for her, after all, she never signed up to be the First Lady of the USA.  And then other days I can't he

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Boosting Performance Through Organisation Design

All HR professionals know that creating the right organisation structure for a business for a given point in time requires both art and science.  There is no such thing as a perfect organisati

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What do Companies Need to be Successful in Digital Transformation?

The management processes needed for Digital Transformation are less “digital” and more “social”.  According to Professor D. Charles Galunic, INSEAD Professor of Organis

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Seven Skills Managers Will Need in 2025

Leadership and management skills are changing to meet the demands of digital, the gig worker, managing output instead of input and many other trends around the future of work and the work environme

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Effective decision making is about basically one thing

Businesses run on decisions, should we discount this sale? Do I need to hire a new person?  What should the new product portfolio be?  And the role of management is to make those decision

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How to Build a Leadership Pipeline with Global Experience

I have had the great fortune of working with employees and customers almost every continent in the world, missing Antarctica for obvious reasons.  Working globally you need to have leadership

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Is the Gig Economy Working?

My current interest is the gig economy.  In many ways, independent workers have been around forever.  What is changing is how we connect to work and the number of people who would claim t

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What is Your Organisations Digital IQ?

PwC has been doing a Digital IQ survey for almost a decade.  And a lot has changed over that period of time.  They have recently published their 2017 survey results and as with all survey

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All Freelances are Not Alike

My current passion that is HR related is to read and blog about gig workers - those independent employees no matter what form they come.  One of my more favourite bloggers, HR Bartender,

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Specialists, Caretakers, and Chameleons: The C-suite in 2021

What makes a good CEO?  What is the right type of CEO for your organisation?  No longer is the C-suite defined by elder statesmen in corner offices at the pinnacles of long, successful ca

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